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What Color Siding Goes With a Copper Roof? – A Simple Guide

what color siding goes with a copper roof

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If you are looking to remodel your roof, changing the siding color would be a good idea, as the former might not even match your new roof. Interestingly, there is a broad range of colors to select from when considering your copper roof siding. 

One of the factors to keep in mind when picking a color for the siding for your roof is how well it goes with the copper hue. Does it accentuate the coppery look? Is it pleasing and easy on the eyes? Suitable color sidings for a copper roof include:

  • Tan
  • Brown
  • White
  • Red
  • Black
  • Cream

Here, we’ll discuss what color siding goes with a copper roof and the factors to consider when choosing a color. Let’s go!

Why Copper Roofing?

old copper roof

Copper is commonly used for roofing because of its many benefits. Some of the major reasons copper is best for roofing include the following:

Weather Resistant

Copper roofs are versatile and resistant to adverse weather conditions. In cases of rusting from rain, your copper roof will change color to a bluish-green hue, but this does not diminish its strength.

Low Maintenance

Copper only needs a little attention to keep its quality and luster. Even in extreme weather situations, just minor repairs would do. It also does not breed fungus and mildew, so don’t bother about getting rid of such. Going for a copper roof saves you time and money.

Fire Resistance 

You don’t have to worry about your copper roof catching fire, as it is fire-resistant. Lighting and electrical issues are commonly responsible for rooftop fires, but copper roofing gives you some rest in that area.


Copper roofs have been used for centuries and are still a top choice today. They can last for several decades, making them a good investment for your house.

What Color Siding Goes With a Copper Roof? – 6 Best Colors

dome copper roof


Warm colors work very well with copper roofing, and the tan-brown contrast is easy on the eyes. This color also hides stains better than other colors. It would also accentuate the roofing’s lusters, especially if it’s new and has yet to turn green from rust.


Brown is also a top preference, especially if you are going for a constant look and less contrast. Like tan, it also makes stains less noticeable, and you don’t need to wash them too often. The minimalist look also gives a classy finish to the house’s exterior.


White is perfect if you want your roof to pop and be very noticeable. However, maintenance should be a priority because white does not do well with dirt, unlike darker colors.


Do you want to grab some attention to your home? Red is the way to go. Its warm, mild contrast with the brownish hue of copper gives your home an inviting, appealing feel. Much maintenance or effort is not required to keep the red siding clean.


You cannot go wrong with black siding along with your copper exterior. It hides dirt well, does not require much maintenance, and goes well with other roofing types.


Cream is bright compared to white and is a good match with oxidizing copper. Although it’s a warm blend with the copper roof, it requires more periodic power washes than the darker colors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roof Siding 

amphitheater with copper roof

Roof Color

Over time, your copper roof changes from a rustic brown to a greenish-blue. You can use this as a factor for choosing your siding color. For example, the cream color contrasts with the greenish hue that forms during copper oxidation, compared to black. 

Personal Style

Your taste would influence your aesthetic desires. If you don’t mind grabbing your neighbor’s attention, red and blue siding colors will be good. 

On the other hand, if your preferred aesthetic tilts toward simple and minimalist, cream, tan, and brown would be perfect.

Neighborhood Style

An easy way to go is to get inspiration from other houses in the neighborhood. Some areas have uniform looks, and you could join the train or pick a color similar to the others. 

Matching the neighborhood will help to blend well with the environment and give a pretty even look. 

Other House Features

When selecting a siding color, you should consider other house components, like the windows, shutters, doors, porch, and garden. You want to avoid too many conflicting colors and contrasts too far apart. 

If your garden has more bright flowers, more neutral colors in the house will balance it.

Architectural Styles

Your house style should be given the topmost consideration regarding siding colors. For example, Georgian house styles look better with deep and subtle colors than bright, loud ones. 

Colonial house styles can take slightly brighter siding colors like peach and blue, while contemporary house styles take more minimalist shades.

Should the Siding Be Lighter or Darker Than the Roof?

Usually, you would want your siding color to have a contrasting shade from the roof. Whether light or dark, the choice is yours, and with the factors stated for you to consider, selecting the one that works for your house should be much easier.

Also, since the copper color does not stay constant throughout, you should revamp and change the siding colors accordingly. If your roof is lighter, you should choose a deeper contrasting color and vice versa.


As much as you’ve invested in a quality roof, boards, deck, and other necessities, it’s essential to complement them with a visually appealing look. Therefore, when asked, “what color siding goes with a copper roof?” consider the different color option suggestions in this article. 

But before choosing, keep in mind the roof color and your personal, architectural, and neighborhood styles. The good thing is your choice does not have to be permanent – you can always improve or make changes after a few years.

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