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Copper Dome Awning: All You Need to Know

copper dome awning

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There are so many benefits to adding an awning to your space. They protect your home from harsh weather, serve as a form of beautification, and create a shelter or shade. 

Because there are so many types of awnings to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin. In this article, we outline the benefits of getting a copper dome awning and some designs to get you started. 

How Useful Are Awnings? 

An awning is a canvass that is used to cover windows, doors, or patios. It often comes in a roof-like structure and can be placed over buildings. One of the benefits of using awnings is that you can easily store them at any moment because they are retractable.  

Awnings come in cotton, polyester, wood, aluminum (which can be used for aluminum bars), etc. All of these materials have their pros and cons but the one that stands out amongst others is copper, which is used for most awnings models.

When using a copper awning, you don’t have to bother about painting or maintenance as they are quite durable, sustainable, ecological, and easy to use. 

Traditionally, copper awnings were reserved for homes but they are currently being adopted to give offices and corporate buildings a more aesthetic appeal. 

What is Dome Awning?

Dome awnings are round in shape and can come in different styles, sizes, awning details, and superb design, making them a favorite for most people. 

It’s an improvement from the traditional hood and convex awning, which was commonly placed over windows or entryways to serve as a shade. Awning for domes can be made of metal, steel, as well as aluminum. 

There’s one disadvantage of using a dome awning: it can only be placed over single windows or doors. The reason for this is that the wider the dome is, the taller it becomes. 

Types of Dome Awning 

Canopy Domes

These are larger than most domes and have little height, allowing them to cover a wider area. This structure is typically found in homes, or on the roof of buildings. 

copper dome awning

Entrance Domes

This type of dome awning is usually placed in front of a building to form a shelter for people going in and out. The front of the awning is supported by poles while the back is connected to the wall. They usually have a clean design. You will find this type of dome in coffee shops or retail stores.

Elongated Domes

Made of durable waterproof fabric that is fade-resistant, elongated domes can cover a wider ground, making it a top option for most buildings. Their structure is long with half of a perfect dome shape at the end of each awning. 

The materials used can either be fabric like cloth or vinyl, or metal like copper, usually screwed into the framework of the awning. 

The framework of a dome awning can be made of either galvanized steel (which uses round bars) or aluminum (mostly square bars with an aluminum edge).

The Standing Seam Awning

This type of copper awning is very versatile as it could either be flat or have a sweeping outline. It’s often used in traditional architectural designs and modern homes. Due to its simple style, it suits almost any kind of building and architectural style.

Textured Awnings 

The complex seams and edgings are made of copper sheets, almost resembling a cloth. Some of them also include a touch of the traditional seam. When used in buildings, these awnings give a modern classy, and elegant appearance.

Wedge Awnings 

Only the sides of these awnings are made of copper. Both the materials of the canopy and the size are different, while the seams could either be bold or more subtle, very similar to the canopy awning.

Victorian-Style Awning 

In Victorian times, awnings were used as a shade and shelter, resembling an umbrella. This type is usually retractable, made with cotton material, and finished with a scalloped edge. You can find it in front of a building, mostly close to a sidewalk.

What Are The Benefits of An Awning?

There are many benefits to having both an indoors and outdoors awning, including:

1. Protection Against Harsh Weather 

A sturdy awning can protect you against harsh weather. When there’s too much sun or heavy rain, it serves as a form of shade. It also blocks harmful UV rays from coming in.

2. Protection Against Water Damage

If you have wooden floors outside your house, an awning can serve as protection against water damage. 

You may also have outdoor finishings, maybe by a pool, so placing an awning over the roof of the structure can prevent water from damaging anything while providing you with a cool shade. Having an awning over your windows and entrance can also stop rain leakage. 

3. Beauty

An awning can boost the beauty and appearance of any building, as well as increase its value. You can choose among a wide range of colors and sizes to suit any type of building and make it more attractive.

4. Low Maintenance

Awnings are very easy to maintain and, depending on the type you purchase, they aren’t very expensive. Some owners wait for years before changing their awning. 

5. Reduction in Energy Costs

When it’s hot, you can install an awning to bring some cooling shade, whereas in the winter, you can easily store your retractable awning in a cool place. 

How Do You Copper A Dome?

Due to its flexibility, putting copper around a dome can be done easily, as the circumflex of the dome will depend on the size of each panel. 

  • First, cut the copper sheet to length
  • Make a slit on a bias and an opening to enable joining
  • Roll the sheet to a curve like that of a dome

Installation of the domes is done from the inside of the structure. The dome panels are attached in an overlapping manner with a special clip and bolt. The standing seam roof panels join to the base panel for attachment, where there would be a small opening at the top which will be closed with a copper cap. This design makes the dome sturdy against harsh weather. 

Putting copper on domes is a very complex process that may require a professional. Our artisans have many years of experience in making all sorts of awnings, and they will be able to assist you with all your needs.

Copper Awning For Homes

Copper awnings can be used to improve the outlook of your house or as a form of protection for the interior and exterior. Over the years, we’ve worked with several clients to create beautiful copper awnings for their doors, windows, and entryway. 

There are several designs to pick from, including: 

Cypress Sweep Awning

This 60-degree end copper sweep awning gives your windows or door entry a mix of beauty, style, and functionality. 

Sunburst Bell Awning

A classic flared bell-shaped awning with a European arch design. 

Parisian Awning

Create a Parisian French feel in your entrance and add beauty to your window with this French sweep copper awning. 

Tunisian Awning

Bring the culture and warmth of the old Italy to your entrance and windows by embracing this classic Mediterranean-style suspension awning. 

Juliet Awning

The Juliet Awning is a sleek, low profile asking with a standing seam design and a steel contour that makes it a great choice for any entrance. 

Liberty Bell Awning

The Liberty Bell Awning is one of our most famous designs, featuring a bell-shaped quarter sphere.

Drop Face Arch Awning

The Drop Face Arch is a uniquely designed standing seam awning with old-world craftsmanship that beautifies your door and windows.

Classic Arch Awning

The Classic Arch Awning has a stylish standing seam design and old-world craftsmanship that makes it one of the most beautiful awnings for your doors and windows. 

Seville Awning

This is a low-profile awning with a stylish standing seam design, sweep contour, and Mediterranean flair.

Bourbon Street Awning

Enjoy recreating the relaxed atmosphere of Bourbon Street, New Orleans, in the entry of your home and business with this wrought iron and copper awning.

Georgian Awning

The Georgian Awning features the handcrafted Georgian-style popular in federal and colonial architecture. 

Bistro Awning

Recreate the warm, laidback mood of  French sidewalk cafes in your entryway with this stylish wrought iron & copper awning.

Barcelona Awning

The Barcelona Awning is a gracefully arched wrought iron and copper awning. The design is inspired by Spanish, Moorish, and other Mediterranean doors and windows.

Mercantile Suspension Awning

The Mercantile Suspension Awning has a Victorian flair that is inspired by the industrialism era. The design will look as beautiful on your home as it does on the City Square. 

Tudor Awning

The Todor Awning is marked by its old-world craftsmanship. The medieval English design gives this awning a striking beauty.

French Quarter Canopy

This is a classic wrought iron and copper arched awning inspired by the rich history of the French Quarter of New Orleans. 

Archer Awning

This is a traditional shed awning made with wrought iron and copper. It has arrow point finials inspired by several historical buildings across Britain. 

Elite Awning

The Elite Awning is a stylish contemporary that adds extra warmth to your space. It has a 14:12 sloped face for taller roofs and a reveal valance. 

Monte Carlo Awning

The Monte Carlo Awning has an impressive high profile with a concave curve that makes it perfect for homes and business entries.  

Chateau Awning

The Chateau Copper Awning has a high aspect chamfered edge that adds functionality, style, and beauty to your entry while protecting your expensive woodwork. 

Classic Dome Awning

The Classic Standing Seam Dome Awning is made with beautiful old-world craftsmanship to add a touch of class to your windows and doors. 

Copper Sweep Awning

Give your entryways and windows a traditional feel with this concave standing seam awning.

Suburban Awning

The Suburban Awning has a stylish and modern shed style that offers protection for your private or public entryways. 

Tuscan Awning

This Mediterranean-style copper awning provides both beauty and function with its 3″ x 1.5″ valance under an arched standing seam copper roof.  

Is Copper Good For Building?

Copper is one of the most commonly used materials to build. It is durable, highly resistant to corrosion, able to form different complex shapes, and unique in appearance. Its low maintenance and ability to boost the outward look of any building is one of the reasons why it’s highly sought after. 

The process of using copper for architecture traces back to ancient history when it was used to modify the look of traditional buildings. Today, modern designs such as the Berlin Cathedral Church in Germany have continued this legacy with their copper-like structures. 

copper dome awning

Lastly, copper has low thermal movement, radio frequency shielding, and lighting protection. These benefits, among others, are why copper is good for building.


Why are the domes made of copper?

Copper is suitable for covering irregular-shaped roofs. It is also sustainable and strong, it has a long life cycle and it is flexible enough to form various shapes. 

What does a dome-shaped mean?

The term refers to a hollow spherical shape.

Why are church roofs green?

Green roofs occur as a result of corrosion of the copper sheet, which produces a patina (green copper carbonate). The Statue of Liberty is a famous example of this phenomenon. 

What is the purpose of domes?

Domes are made with fewer materials, energy and labor. They are quicker to build, sturdier and lighter than other building structures. They cost less and do not take as much surface area as other structural shapes. 

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, domes can withstand bitter elements like hurricanes, wind, and storms. 


When it comes to copper dome awning, the possibilities are endless. There are so many options to choose from and it all depends on your tastes and budget. 

Based on your needs, we can custom-make your awnings to meet your specifications. Our artisans have several years of experience creating beautiful custom copper windows, doors, and entry awnings for fine homes. Yours will not be an exception.

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